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boots, boards, bindings


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Hello All,

I am in Golden, CO cleaning out the basement.

-UPZ boots with my surefoot liners, size 27 I think(sole length 287mm).

-left UPZ(287mm sole), right cuff part, upz rear spring assembly

-upz buckles, misc screws, attempted plate system, burton part kit, plastic plates for under bindings.

-raichle boots, missing spring assembly (28's I think) with surefoot liners.

-phioka binding parts

-boot tongues

-santa cruz 175 (museum piece someone?)

-164 palmer titanium.

-corks, assorted wax.

-two pairs of ski boots, old bike seat, bowling pin

The only things I feel are worth any money are the racebloc toko wax and the black UPZ boots. Will likely take any reasonable offer on any of the items. And a lot of the parts I would be happy they don't end up in the land fill.


email is dmanthei at gmail dot com



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I have no idea what size the UPZ's are and dont know where to find it. the soles are 287 mm and I normally where a size 9. so it is either a 26 or a 27 mondo. if someone knows where to find the mondo size on this boot, i would be happy to figure it out. I just put my foot in the shell and two fingers fit behind my foot.

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