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Thanks again to everyone that puts in that extra bit of effort to make SES great, from Fin and Michelle to all the great sponsors. It's a real pleasure to meet up with fellow carvers from around the world and to go play in a winter paradise. It's also amazingly cool to test the latest and greatest equipment from all the big names in the sport. Hopping from board to board relatively quickly is a really fun way to see which one clicks with you.

For those that haven't done First Tracks at Ajax; make a point of doing it. All the riders are concentrated on one run that's shaped like a giant ditch so you end up sitting on the side watching and cheering on everyone else when you get tired. Then they cheer for you while they're resting and you're riding. It's positively electric.

My tip: Don't try to change boots just before or during SES. I wasted a morning before switching back to my old ones. Duh! Sort out the new boots at home well beforehand.

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what an awesome week! thank you very much to everyone who helped make it so. all the sponsors, organizers, planners, groomers, manufacturers, and riders make this a truly special event every year. if you haven't been to the ses/wcs, start saving for a future trip. you won't regret it! it's a highlight of my year, every year!

fin, michelle, luke, sean, bruce, ian, ken, and anyone else i forgot - thanks for working the tent and bringing all the products for us to play on. all your hard work while watching us play all week is much appreciated! :1luvu:

to all the riders - thanks for all the trenches. it was fun riding with so many talented riders, meeting new people, and watching so many people carving with big grins the entire week. :D see you next year!


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SES 2010 rocked! It was great to see many familiar faces, and meet new folks. Y'all are some amazing riders... I took notes and I have lots of things to try and practice over the coming year.

Special thanks to Fin and Michelle for organizing it and also to Sean and Bruce for being there to tell us about their goods and make turns with us. Of course, thanks to all the sponsors and those others who sent demo gear.

I'll post some reviews of the gear I rode when I have a chance... stay tuned.

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For a "first" at a ten year Aniversery Session, I can just simply say that it was awesome.

So many ways to ride, and techniques, styles, and so good to put a face to a screenname and get a feel for people, good mountian conditions, and great times that were shared by all. I have a lot of memories still rolling around in my head, and eventhough its only a day later, being back on my home mountain, I have to say that I miss aspen already!

357 more days till SES 2011 ! :biggthump

We carvers truly are a "unique breed", and the phrase "Birds of a feather flock together" definately rings true here!

Next up : "THUNDERDOME" and then ECES !

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