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Where to watch the Olympic racing


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CTV has a full schedule up in the top right corner of their site www.ctvolympics.ca. All the channels with coverage are up on there and you can set the time zone.

There's a widget application that you can download off the site (it was up on a banner yesterday, but I've yet to see it today) to get Canadian residents streaming video as well.

Looks like the last epsiode of Over The Bolts is scheduled on Sportsnet Friday afternoon.

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perhaps someone in the states can help me out here.

the only PGS i can see, not-so-explicitly stated in some cases on the airing schedule at nbcolympics.com is:

F PGS final: 27th, sometime between 12a-1.30a

M PGS: 27th, sometime between 1p-6p

M PGS final: 27th, sometime between 8p-11p

the above are my best deductions, and possibly off. no airing of women qualifiers? ripoff. am i reading this right? it's pretty hard for me to tell. if it matters, i'm on comcast (not digital) cable in sacramento, pacific zone of the states.

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thanks for the links.

anyway, i'd like to be clear, if that was at all partially intended as a response to me; there's a good chance i'll neither be able to watch the races in real-time via stream nor on tv. i'm planning to taperecord these, as they're airing on a day that i'm very likely to snowboard, at a time that i may be too beat and sleeping during the broadcast times.

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ah wow, okay. it must be the same with the out-of-US sites (i wouldn't have known 'cause i hadn't checked them yet through proxy). i guess you can watch full-replays too as well as live over here if you're in the US. what's particularly neat is that there's no commentary, which most of the time takes away from the action in pretty much any sport if you're watching attentively IMO, though it's nice to hear athlete background and trivia during the in-betweens.

bookmarking that page may be a good idea for any replay watchers; if you navigate from the mainpage, you'll likely run into spoilers if you're trying to avoid them.

edit: okay, i take that back. only some of the full-replays, but not all, can be watched. if you have one of any eligible service subscriptions, then it seems like you can watch any of them.

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