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Intec heel play?


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My intec heels seem to have developed a fair amount of play in my TD2s, which have TD3 receivers. They're probably 5 years old and I've noticed the pins have alot of wobble. It isn't causing any real problems and my boots still seem locked in, but it's a little unnerving when I can shake my front leg on the chairlift and hear the loose connection rattling. Has anyone else had this and did it lead to any type of failure or binding release?

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I've always had a fair amount of play w/ SI's - I think it's the nature of the beast that they are not as tight as toe clips. That being said, I've recently been able to tweak and mirco-adjust my bails and toe block locations to remove most of the play. You can do half-turns on the shoulder bolts of the toe bails - you just have to put the lug shaft in through the other side.

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If there is no play in between the pins in an Intech heel and the holes in the receiver, you won't be able to clip in

when you clip in - you have to push heel down reasonably strong (not too strong!) - but if you can clip-in your boot in with your one hand without reasonable force - your binding interface is too loose to use safely. it would be easy to engage by leg - but slightly difficult by hand.

PS trying my best to describe the force in words))

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