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Madd BX 168


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Hi, I now only ride backcountry with softboots, and splitboard, so I have no use for this.

It's been used very few times, and only on good snow at Fernie. Not even "broken in" yet.

I'd like to sell locally; I'm in Montreal currently for University.

I also have a pair of Catek Freeride II's for sale (minus the highbacks/ankle straps)




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Looks like the Texallium top. I had the 163 version, briefly. Specs for the 168 should be 24cm waist, 9.2scr. Don't let the small scr fool you. This board is NOT a slow carver. It only comes alive when you get it moving.

hmmm texallium is just fiberglass, i already have a madd 168bx with noched tail, 243 width, dont know the scr, but its more like a modern race board with rocker and larger raduis at the ends.

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How much y'all want for the Madd, if its a price we can agree on I'll take it. I'm certain we can find happy ground

Please email me kurt at bowcycle dot com or send me your phone # and I'll call you.

I can get you to deliver it to a friend in Montreal or make arrangements for a pick up.



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Sorry guys, I ended up with CC's Madd.

The good news is... I have a carbon butterfly 168 Madd BX that I'll be picking up at the end of the month at WTF that will potentiallty be for sale as I don't need 2 two of these things.. I've only seen pictures but I's say it looks to be a 7.5-8/10 rating.

Shoot me note if you're interested.

kurt at bowcycle dot com


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