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Has anyone been to both Sun Peaks and Big White?


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I have been to both a number of times, I much prefer Sun Peaks.

There typically is more sunshine at Sun Peaks with almost no white out days like you get at Big White.

They get less snow at SP so the groom lasts longer than BW, and there is usually

lots of excellent grooming.

It is less crowded at SP since Kamloops is smaller than Kelowna so there are fewer locals.

SP seems to attract a more mature (older) type of skiier/boarder.

A number of instructors at SP have hard boot setups and you usually see a few others as well. I have never seen another alpine setup either week I was at BW.

Both resorts have numerous high speed quads.

You have to be watchful of the snow in early Dec., 2 years ago they only had a few runs open for Xmas, last year they were fully open.

I have always flown into Kelowna, a direct flight from Toronto or Hamilton, it

is a 2.5 hour drive thru Vernon.

Snowperformance holds their carving camp at SP in Dec and April, I have done it a number of times and had a great time and learned a lot.

I am trying to organize a solo trip in Dec. or Jan. to SP to get my legs in shape for the SES.


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Looks like I'm taking the whole family to Sun Peaks over New Years. We'll probably go the condo route. Can anyone with local knowledge offer advice? As in - stay away from this side of the mountain because of the bears or that group of condos is not really ski in/out like they say.

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There are plenty of hotel type places with limited cooking facilities, but if you are looking for decent sized condos with great hill and village access, the best locations are Snow Creek Village and Timberline. (In the interest of full disclosure I must note I own a rental townhouse at Snow Creek). The other condo sites (Trappers, Crystal, McGillivray..) are all very nice, just a few blocks further away from the hill and not truly ski in /out. You can call Ryan at Sun Peaks Accomodations at 1-800-337-3257 and tell him we talked and he should be able to steer you in the right direction. There are also a number of homes up on the hill on Sunburst Drive which look great on the map. Nothing there is incredibly far but some of them can be a long uphill walk in the snow from the village, especially after a night on the town. If you want more info feel free to email me and I'll give you my phone # so I can answer any Q's.



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-that's one of the great things about the village. There are two village markets as well as pubs, restaurants, ski shops etc very close by so once you get up there you can hang up the car keys. Kinda nice that I can crawl home from the pub to my doorstep if I need to. The next carve camp runs right thru my 40th b'day, so I may end up exploring that option...


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