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step ins- pros/cons etc TD vs catek etc

Guest jeffz

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I have seen some discussions regarding step ins and some of the racers have indicated that they prefer standard bails. I have been using traditional TDs with bails and have considered changing over to step ins. I am not racing- basically free carving in the New England ice. What are folks opinions on the pros and cons of step ins for this type of riding. Also, what are peoples opinions regarding catek vs. TD2. I am leaning toward the cateks, primarily because of the canting options. Thanks for your input.

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Cateks can be adjusted to any rider's needs, they also sit higher off the board than other bindings. Cateks can be a bit of a pain to move from board to board. Cateks are very stiff.

TD's are the easiest to dial in and transfer from board to board. If you want one set of bindings to fit a variety of boards, then get the TD's. Soft, medium and hard rings...the second board kit is a great deal.

Stepins vs. bails, stepins are more rigid and direct drive. Bails are good for slightly more flex and cheaper when you don't have to buy a pair of Intec heels.

It all depends on what you are looking for,


p.s. If I owned a pair of TD's, I'd trust them with my life...

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I had trouble with the non-SI bindings releasing on me, both the previous-generation TDs and previous-generation Cateks. Typically it happened when landing HARD on a big jump (overshoots or undershoots). I tried a bunch of adjustments, even had some metal tabs welded into my Catek heel bails to hold the heel in better, but never solved the problem. Intec TD1s have not let me down.

I just received a pair of Intec TD2s and have a pair of Intec Cateks coming with a a Coiler (hopefully to arrive before the season starts).

Based on my experience with the previous generations, I expect the Cateks to be a little more adjustable and the TDs to be a little more reliable (fewer screws to come loose).

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sounds like the TD2 step in may be the better choice for me. Anyone have any thoughts about which elastomer ring would be the best choice for new england riding? Thanks for the input

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