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Picture from the past ....


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Well, the other day I had to go get myself fitted for a tuxedo for yet another wedding I am in. The shop is also a tourist shop with all kinds of trinkets. As I was waiting I started looking at their post cards. Like a shining beacon of embarrassment I came across the below card. Yes, this is a card that is actually being sold today! I am sure we have all sent his before, people making post cards that just do not have a clue.

The best part is the back of the card says:

"Shredding: A term used by snowboarders to describe the way they cut through the snow"

Well, I put down $.32 for this bad boy and scanned it in for all to enjoy. I think someone should go over to one of the freestyle forums and post this picture there with the title "Carving is cool!". Dear god the flaming.......


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I was looking at the shot a little more and wanted to put some light on the faces so we could maybe find out who these guys are.

Well, thanks to modern tech-no-ology, the mystery has been solved.

I think we all feel a bit of shame for these guys. I know I do.......


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the koflach albona ( yellow ) with its normal duct tape reinforcements, its nice walking position, and its lightweight !

The red model is the Dynafit tour I think, but could be the ancestor of the raichle SB21, before even the famous snowboarder model, before it used its cable wires on the sides and fluo shells... experts will say!: both were backcountry ski boots!

Jean Nerva and many people in those years used the koflach as back foot boot ( almost a hard soft boot feel) and a rigid Salomon SX91 equipe ( the red one) on the front foot!

I had less $ at the time so only had a pair of the albona's and rented the left foot at the resort ( to get the cheaper SX61-71 series). The face of the rental guys when u say u only needed the left boot was something not to be forgotten!

thnx fin for the pic ;)

Speaking of Old School,

I recently got my hands of pure jewels:

-1984 Apocalypse Snow 1

-1985 Apocalypse Snow 2

-1987 Cannon surf 1

-1988 Cannon surf 2

All feature Regis Rolland, and the two later also Jean Nerva, riding his Safari 2 with style! If someone has a way to set a bittorent server so we can share them it would be awsome! I'll just give a download link then he can maybe put some of them online on the torrent network!

The Apo 1 movie is just incredible with Regis getting chased by an avalanche on a binding less almost Winterstick. It is the movie that launched Snowboarding in europe, and got the mania started really by beeing shown to all the teenagers we were there.

Cannon surf 1 - 2 are my long time fav with great slow motion footage of fluo suit guys carving powder turns with smile on their face and lots of style!


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