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Need Junior eqipment

Guest ubermom

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Guest ubermom

I am a single Mom of a new Alpine Boarder...he wants alpine equipment..I KNOW NOTHING!!! Please help with possible websites for new equipment or used equipment...He is only nine years old but will be racing this year. Currently riding a Burton Punch board for freestyle....I believe that his boot size will be a Mondo 23...(I used the sizing info on the bomber site to estimate)

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Welcome ubermom! few Women or Young riders post here at BOL. So, it is a real treat to have someone so young interested in the Alpine snowboard design and methods. Don't miss the great articles written about the subject here at BOL. The authors are both riders and frequent the message board. Typically they are very helpful and eager to share the sport. The smaller sizes are limited in availability , however they are out there. I would be happy to help you locate some equipment. True alpine boards (i.e. narrow waisted, directional , long running length "Edge-contact") are fairly easy to find and there is a supplier on Ebay that has a pretty deep supply of Burton race boards in the smaller sizes. Often selling for under 100$ brand new. His Mondo point , or metric sole length would be helpfull. Email me and I will send you some links off the BOL message board. Ask your "Mini-Shredder" to post here some time. It would be a breath of fresh air to have someone of that age tell us why he want to "Carve" alpine style? Thanks, Bryan

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Guest Randy S.

Where are you located? My soon to be 10 year-old got his first carving board last season. Bomber has really inexpensive ($50) Raichle boots in small sizes. The Jr. Burton and Nidecker bindings don't fit those boots, but any old pair of burton plate bindings will be fine and you should be able to find those cheap here on BOL classifieds. If you are in Tahoe area riding, let me know. You could try out my son's stuff when he's not using it (he skis most of the time). As for boards, it sounds like Bryan at oldsnowboards.com can help. I don't know of anyone who is making new kids snowboards other than Rabansar. My son likes their board that I got him last season. There's a US distributor, or there was last I knew. If he has flexible ski boots, you can also start him out on those. That's what my kids have done. It works really well.

Welcome to the world of carving. Hope to see you and your son out there soon (I hope he gets you onto carving gear).

Single Dad,


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I have a Burton Factory Prime 144 that my son rode when he was 10/11. I chose that board based upon a fair amount of research and advise. I'm guessing that he was say 80 lbs and about 4 foot 8 inches at the time.

We bought it used, but the board is in good condition; we take care of our equipment. We'll sell it for $95 US + shipping.



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