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Hard Attack returns


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Hi all, don't know if anyone is still looking for the Hard Attack movie or not, but thanks to a new and generous bandwidth limit from my hosting company, I can host it for a while. You should be able to download it here:


Kudos to Jason Watkins for taking the time to upload it to my FTP site.

Note that I now get 50 gigs of transfer a month...I figure that's enough to download the movie about 200 times. If it looks like I'm going to go over my bandwidth quota, I'll have to pull down the movie until the start of August.

Happy downloading! Oh, and just out of curiousity, if you'd post what kind of speed you're getting on your download, that would be great. I get about 60 k/second when I'm the only person downloading...what will it look like when you snow-deprived carvers all hit it at once?

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Guest Ghostrider

I got about 200 KB/Sec but I have a large network overhead so it may be faster.

Nothing quite like an overkill home network...if anybody wants a lan party...my network can handle a couple hundred computers at once.

(computer nerd part)

Including a full linux dhcp server, multiple stacked hubs, network power switch to remotely manage the network and power supplies to all servers/hubs and switches, dial-up isp virtual server if I'm ever out of town and need a quick dial-up, and its ready for network aggregation which is nice with a 802.11g card and soon to come 12dbi gain antenna ;) also soon to come is a fiber optic stack for some extra fun.

Too bad I dont even play video games...I just like all the buttons, lights and cables :D

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Guest Ghostrider
Originally posted by mirror70

Ghost, you have all of that local hardware and no fat netpipe? Shame on you!

I know..I know...I've got a 3mbps cable connection, but the backbone is a 3mbps usb network connection which works just fine now...but that's gotta change.

However, I'm about a quarter mile and have a line of site shot to multiple T3 connections on a university campus. (I'm a student so I have legal use of the networks)...Needless to say, I am working on a good cantenna design. The end of summer goal is to get 50mbps down and 25mbps up of bandwidth. However, I'd like to eventually max out the local hub and have a full 100mbps...And then once i can get my cantennas tuned, I can add a couple oc-3 connections. With an array of 20 yagi antennas on my roof, I could in theory max out a local gigabit network with only internet packets :D

..I could probably also pick up a signal from the mars rovers with that many antennas though...eitherway..it'd be fun.

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For those download junkies there, Dan is generously hosting also net-level copy of our latest Ojankaivajat DVD-film "The Carver Strikes Back".

This one here is in divx format, packed to 180Mb size file, whith reasonable quality to get idea what carving is in Nordic countries and central Europe.


Shorter (and better quality) trailer 19Mb of full film is available, to get idea what this film is about


Many thanks to Dan of hosting net copy of the film.

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