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Funniest thing I ever saw!

I came over the top of the hill by my house one day and saw this guy coming up the hill on his moped, like I did on many other days.

He weighs in at about 350 lbs wearing a greasy wife beater Tshirt and similiarly stained overalls. Lets call it a significant challenge for your average moped.

Today he is on a date. Yes he has his girlfriend or maybe its his gorilla friend , anyway she outweighs him by at least 50 lbs and they are both on the moped attempting to reach the summit of this hill. you cannot see much of the moped since its hidden under two sets of size XXXXXXL overalls. It looks like the guy is pushing one of those measuring wheels up the hill since all you can see is the front tire. there is a massive amount of black smoke billowing out of the "woman's" ass ( the rings were clearly outmatched and near failure) both riders had their feet outstretched in sort of a training wheel maneuver since the whole thing was moving at approx 3 mph under full throttle.

I nearly hit a tree as I drove in the ditch I was laughing so hard:lol::lol::lol:

gotta love the south:eplus2:

them carolina folks is funny:ices_ange

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