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How do Head Stratos Pro fit?


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If it'll help you get an idea, I'll throw out my situation here. I just bought a new pair a month ago and had it fit with the assistance of a professional bootfitter. It is properly sized for me and feels comfortable.

When I did the following:

-Jamming a ruler onto the bottom of my foot to increase foot length (by capturing more of the raised part of the sole in the center of the foot) and make it measure as long as possible, and

-Aligning the zero mark on ruler to the far, uncompressed edge of the back of my foot rather than pressing said back-of-foot against a wall,

...I measured myself to be 23.7 centimeters give or take 1 or 2 millimeters.

My '08/'09 Head Stratos Pro shell size is 24 with a pair of those ~$40 noncustom footbeds.

Oh, and don't forget that a fresh pair comes with thermofit liners, not the kind that you cook from what I understand.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'll order the true size and hopefully the liner and a good bootfitter can take care of the rest.

Go see the guys at Kenmark in Richmond HIll, they have Head SP there and are the best boot fitters in the GTA... maybe take along your other boots and they could possibly make them fit better and then you don't need a new pair????

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I've been using UPZs for a few years, and have never tried Heads. I have very wide feet and ALWAYS have trouble finding suitable footwear. I don't have any issue with the stock liner and use them as well. I find UPZs "tolerably" wide for my feet, though on occassion I get the overlapping toe syndrome, which is uncomfortable at best. By and large, though, I really like them.

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I love them, they warm. They do pack out more then expected, had to put a something under the foot bed to get that nice tight fit after 1 year

Super adjustable, but heavy but since i am rarely in the air, i don't care.

the upper velcro strap is dam near worthless. replaced with a power strap

would i buy them again HEL:LL yeahh

175 prior wcr

td2 si

Heads stratus Black

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I'm anticipating running into some shin bang while on the slopes, though I guess that varies between each individual.

In addition to that, though..... As I've mentioned above, I've just newly purchased these boots about two months ago; they haven't even seen snow yet. The outer velcro straps that come with these boots are already falling apart...:confused: Today was my fifth time putting on the boots in my house 'cause I'm so badly itching for the carve. After the first couple times of wearing, I noticed a little fray in each strap, and have been very slowly and carefully pulling the straps apart when taking the boots off. The straps are still further degrading at a much faster rate than I expected.

I think I might be looking into the booster straps.

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I would replace boot straps on principal, simply for this reason

a booster strap allows movement/flex in the strap thus keeping the boot tight but flexible. wider as well keeping the strap from slipping up after the boot gets warm. There are several " powers" from weak to Olympic, any boot fitter should have these. They also have a heavy metal locking clasp that works and never slips.

Pet peeve. Equipment failure. Racing and high speeds are not the time to find out.

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