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SL deck

Mike T

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I'm looking for a SL deck. I fluctuate between 180 and 195 pounds, ideal waist is 20 cm. SL or SL-like decks I have tried so far:

157 FP, blue topsheet like the one http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showpost.php?p=205605&postcount=9 behind the dog. This felt too soft and too short, I had to back off on it otherwise I went over the bars.

Madd 158, Camo topsheet, '03? Felt too soft and like it needed more edge length behind the bindings

Madd 158, 06/07 demo at SES 06: I loved this one, felt stiffer than the one above ab=nd hung onto turns better

Madd 158 07/08 Metal demo: I think I want something a little *less* reboundy for racing on, that's too lively for my skill level.

Galen's F2 163 SL: Too soft, but my sense is other year's 163's might be stiffer. This one had the dimpled base, might have been an '05? (Galen, if you know what year it is, let me know...)

06/07? Donek 162 ASmith SL Olympic: Way, way too stiff for me on race course conditions.

01/02 Donek FC 163: Would prefer something softer in middle and stiffer in nose.

I am guessing that a stiffer F2 163, or an F2 166, is right up my alley, as is a Volkl RT 163. Or perhaps a used Coiler or Prior, or, if such a thing exists, a Donek with a stiffer nose and softer middle. Looking for something with reasonable amount of rebound/camber left and nothing so seriously wrong that a professional shop tune can't fix it.

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I have an identity 162 slalom with maybe 2 days on the snow. Fun as hell but to little for me I can't keep up with it.:lurk:

Red with white fingerprint logo. Ask Brian from OSB about the brand and the ride. He likes the longer ones but he may have ridden a slalom at some point.

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I rode mine with catek freerides and softies if that gives you an idea. I found it to be much softer flex wise. my GS is softer than most of the identity GS due to it being a one off designed for a plate.

I rode jon's personal GS and it was a Clydesdale killer compared to mine. I love them because the geometry of the sidecut is so smooth and fluid. The Doneks I have ridden felt like cement trucks compared to a ferrari. We all have our preferences so its hard to make a recomendation to someone else thats valid. you probably just need to ride it.

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