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    about 48 degree front for powder and trees (hot shine, and SuperX), 55 to 65 front for hard carving, the rear is a couple degrees less/more.
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  1. Bump in 2018. Still have the Intel heels. The replacement heels and the can't adjusters. And the Rossi and the Nitro.
  2. TimRich99, Yes I still have the Red Hot Shine 162. 

  3. I still have a couple good boards. Come on, buy me out. The small boards would be great for kids racing or beginners. 1- 152cm Rossignol VAS. I have not ridden this board. $100 previously listed in the for sale ads. 1- 160cm Nitro Scorpion. Black/red. A great quick turning slalom board that needs pressure on the nose. You'll need to find the right binding position and ride this one agressively, but then its fast and really quick edge to edge. The base is in great condition, don't think it has any repairs. $75. 1 Pair of near new black rear adjusters/cant locks for the Raichle boots. $20 Some bolts and adjuster screws for CATEK plat bindings. 2 long center bolts (countersunk Allen head). 2 short center bolts. 2 plate to heel/toe pad Allen cap bolts. 5 short adjuster screws (set screws). 4 long adjuster screws. 6 aluminum spacer rings black. 4 prints. I just found these , Jan 2019 1 Pair black Intec release heels. One heel is used but in very good condition! no wear to the pins. Has cable and handle. One heel (my rear boot) has a lot of wear to one of the pins, and some wear to the other pin. Has cable (missing a little section of plastic sheath at the top - 1/2"). Have 2 handles. You can make one good heel out of these. $30 everything else has been sold.
  4. Lots of really good advice. The more you ride, the better you get at this. The final test is getting off Cornice Express at Kirkwood late in the afternoon when 1' deep channels have been cut into the exit ramp turn. Its a hard mandatory right. 1. As stated above, make sure you have a good stomp pad and learn to use it. All these Macho guys with no stomp pad are... Macho. 2. Learn to get the board flat and your rear foot positioned - before you stand up. The board flat, rear foot on stomp pad, stand up all happens in a few seconds as the chair is moving through the station. 3. 1st or Last. Jump up early to be out in front of everyone, or wait and be last off the chair. it gives you more room to maneuver and can keep you clear of other crashy snowboarders. 4. Stand up Tall. Don't bend over. Be tall and calm. 5. Slight forward pressure, you have to want to go down the lift exit ramp. If you sit back, you crash. My friend Johnnie coined a phrase which I still use and tell to new snowboarders. "Reach for the Garbage Can". WHAT? You'll notice that in the exit area of many lift top stations there is a garbage can straight out from the lift exit ramp. Learn to reach for it or for the virtual garbage can. This puts your weight forward. 6. slight easy turns. A tiny bit of shoulder turn. Try and stay tall.
  5. If you want to stick with an alpine board to get the advantages on the piste, get a slalom board. But there probably aren't too many options for you, your a pretty big guy. So then I would suggest you look at some of the boardercross boards, They will have some good characteristics for off and on piste. For a powder only or trees only board, pretty much anything on the wider side for the float. The longer the board the harder its going to be to turn in the tighter trees. haven't been on the forum for a while. I'm 170# and ride 160-167 slalom boards for the most part. They aren't quite the super stiff super carve, but they are great all around boards, I can carve the perfect groom, the chopped up stuff, the end of day smush, the powder, the trees. Which is more of the kind of riding I do, since I typically hang out with soft booters. I have some older Hot 162s (my favorites), an older nitro 160, and an Oxygen race 164, which is stiff, but ok for packed snow in the trees. I always wanted to try out the newer Oxygen slalom boards, but never grabbed one.
  6. Hey, that's a nitro Assym. http://www.sfgate.com/life/style/slideshow/Ski-fashions-through-the-years-74891/photo-5517281.php
  7. I clicked on another carve video that you tube was promoting and this guy is good. Have Louis watch this guy. See how balanced and relaxed this guy is? Centered up on the board and not riding the tail. Not sitting into the turn, leaning sideways into the turn.
  8. Well he's flying and even tried a little fakie!! awesome. But it looks like he is on the tail of the board a bit. He is making most of his turning in the latter half of the turn, by getting the tail to bend. Watch the video and watch the shape of the board in the turns. Tell him to slow down a bit, stand taller and try for a smoother transition. Try to make full 180 turns with the transition across the hill, in a relaxed fashion. Have him play around with binding placement a bit. I'd try moving forward a little and maybe a little more rear foot cant. you can still drive the tail if you want to. have to get me a GoPro!!
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