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Hey Guys & Gals,

Yesterday was my 1st time back in the shop after a long summer of fun. I am currently going through stock to make room for 07~08 stuff. As always we will be carrying Donek boards, Catek & Bomber bindings and Head boots. We will also be carrying a small number of Deeluxe boots this year. Also new this year, Coiler boards. We have some older boards and boots that we are looking to move. Shoot me an email at info@startingate.net or call @ 1-877-297-1213. Also the RS-350 is up and running and putting out some fab. Grinds. We have already done allot of SMS and Masters Racers skis and boards. We are about 2 to 3 weeks about at this point, so if you want something done give me a call to work you in. I would also like to say Thanks Michelle and Fin for the Bomber and Deeluxe support.

See you this winter,


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I have had some emails on what boards we have. So I will just post them here.

05-06 Oxygen Proton 178GS

05-06 Oxygen Proton 160SL

06-07 Oxygen Proton 178GS

06-07 Oxygen Proton 168GS

06-07 Oxygen Proton 164GS

06-07 F2 Silberpfeil 168

That's it. Email me @ info@startingate.net or call 1877-297-1213 for $$$.



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A true classic with the hatchet skeg.

Spent more time fantasizing about that board than booking it my senior H.S. year. turned out ok, though

Saw the D Man himself ride one in Ocean Beach, S.D., in a '67 contest. Mr. Nuuhiwa and Mike Tabelling (the winner) were also on hand.

A mythic board for classic times...

Thanks for the memories!

Hope to visit your shop this winter.

good surf to ya

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