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Original construction Madd boards available

John Gilmour

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Figures, just when we have a new batch made- I'm out for the season with loss of 3 limbs.

Madd Mike , Mike Banker, However went to SES with 20 new decks (5) 158s and (15) 170's

I have a few back orders for these old boards and I will try to contect those who asked for them years ago. Hopefully there will be some left when Mike returns.


Mazda b-series (north america) picture

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Likely the decks will still be very expensive. As you know we laminate them in Italy- which instead of having the weak lire is now using the stronger EURO.

Expect prices for the 158 to be close to $800, the 170's about $860 and the 180 around $950

We still have to work with teh numbers and quantities- but as of now that is about as low as I would expect. It is possible the prices could be higher.

Of course with anything if demand was to really increase prices would fall...but still not by much- our materials cost and labor costs are just very high.

All I can say is look at the old boards that have been riden hard for over a decade- only you will be able to determine if the value is there for you.

I have two old 158 demo boards- countless days of riding on them in lousy conditions- still lots of edge left and nary a scratch on the bases. Full camber (like day one) no board twist and little to no binding suck after all these years.

There are many other great boards our there for less money that will give you long term satisfaction and great performance- our boards feel very different and reward aggressive dynamic riding styles as well as Static riding styles and IMHO promote better riding by rewarding the rider who isn't afraid to punch a deck through a turn.



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I was lucky enough to try a Madd 158 and a 170 last week at the loaf. I was wondering is there a difference between the original construction boards and the boards I tried last week. I have to say that the 158 blew me away. cmc said don't try it if you don't have any money, now I know. The 158 is the type of slalom board I've been looking for...it seemed impossible to over load the nose and it held an edge like no other board. With the 158 it seemed I was able to choose the radius of the turn, unlike other slalom boards I've tried or owned. Plus it was stable at speed. I want one!!!!


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Are these the new new batch of boards or the demo fleet that was available at ECES? Whats the breakdown of # of 158s vs 170s? Or are these the ones that you or Shaggy will be taking deposits for? Inquiring minds want to know =)

Hope you're healing up well.

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