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Coiler on ebay ...


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That's probably canadian dollars....I don't know the exact exchange rate, but I think it's around $1 USD = 1.3ish CND

I'm not sure how that turns 500ish into 1,100 though. Your guess.

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Lesse, using Bruce's current price of $680 CAD for a new board, I guess Burton race plates go for $420 CAD. :confused: Agreed, the seller has been smoking way too much "420"!

Allee, if you are interested in a Coiler, keep in mind that one of the big advantages of Coiler is that every one is built with a flex customized to the rider. I bought my wife the women's FC 165. She hasn't ridden it yet, due to a healing clavicle fx, but I can tell you that the flex is softre than other alpine boards I've flexed, and it feels like it's going to be just right for her. I'll ask her to post a review once she's got a few days on it. I can hardly wait to see her on it... even though she'll probably be out carving me in no time :eek:

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Mike, I would love to know what your other half thinks of her Coiler, as that's the one that I would be looking at if I spend up for a new board.

Prior are out at Sunshine this weekend, I'm hoping to take a WCR and the 159 4 x 4 they have on demo out for a spin. I should be able to faceplant nicely off those...

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