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FS: Burton Race Plate Binding w/ Clear base


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here is a screencapture from the '97 burton catalog... cannot tell if top or bottom of plate. (thanks DERF)

my comment comes from complete ignorance of this particular flavor of binding. I cannot offer anything to support my particular view other than my opinion that locating the rubber between the plate and plastic upper provides little to no damping.

I still think the world is flat! :freak3:


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I had several pairs of this design - the rubber dampers go between the plastic and the metal and the little "nubs" stick through and raise the plate off the board. There were a couple differnet colors of dampers - on mine the red ones were "hard" and white was "soft". The white ones were actually so soft that they crushed after two seasons and had to be replaced. I had to file down the toe/heel plate attachment screws where they stuck through the metal plate so they would not dig into the topsheet though, as I have had to do on ALL the BRP's regardless of year/design. :cool:

*** Bail replacements are probably a good idea from the looks of these and a full set is available from www.klugriding.com for $40.00

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