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Mattias rides an Alpinepunk Afterburner which Prior made for us. (He started EC on a Swoard but changed after trying our board.) 183 with 21 waist, 13,7 meter sidecut. Right now we´re working on a new version of the afterburner - "Made in Sweden". Check out Alpinepunk.com. Hopefully I will bring testboards to Aspen session.


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Well it sure works for extremecarving but it´s not intended to. I saw it as a surfboard for snow. It´s softflexing and torsionally stiff. They´re made to measure so we work out flex according to weight and preferences but no wider then 21cm if we don´t get a big demand. Price was 850€. The next generation will be a bit cheaper but even better in hard konditions. There is a lot of work with the split...

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I haven´t tried the #two but from just the specs it´s quite a different board. Shorter running lenght and smaller radius and from flexing it felt like a stiffer ride compared to Afterburner. They are boards for different styles of riding.

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the end of the Video says "Into the Fire" is "Local"- gotta give props to Dokken for the tunes

Check out Hippo Handjob a swedish cover ("tribute" ?) band of the Black Keys from Akron, Ohio.

My swedish kitesurfing/snowboarding buddy johann turned me on to both bands.



looks like http://www.hippohandjob.com/ is down but they do a cover of Dylan's "Masters of War" and it rocks.They'll be back. Black Angels too, from Austin, TX(on tour with the Black Keys)-

now, back to carving the cord...... :D




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Mats, check out thier website http://www.theblackkeys.com/

Rubber Factory was when I really started to get into thier sound, ironically down in Cape hatteras kitesurfing with the swede, Johann.

Funny how some tunes bring you back to the place you first heard them.

That npr link might be able to be downloaded, the show at the 9:30 club.

I have it on cd and may be able to email it to you.

It might be on bit torrent, I'll take a look.

Saw them live a year ago and just recently 11/2 here in Boston and the place was packed. Good stuff to carve yer brains out to.

... and I met one of the guys from Dokken on an Amtrack train coming back from NYC years ago, he said he was afraid to fly..... :confused:


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