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  1. Great work, Fin! Stoked to see BOL online again.
  2. Sure is. I sold a couple of them to hardbooters. Waist width (25,5) is not an issue for getting on edge. The nose shape and early rise/rocker makes it a real pcket rocket.
  3. Just back from ISPO, which is pretty similar to SIA. Maverick was part of the Tailgate Alaska section, which was perfect. Great response for my new line of boards, explaining that they are longboards - not long boards - tuned for carving and big pow days, even die hard freestylers saw the idea behind my shapes. I'm bummed that I will not make it over to US this season so you guys can try. (I have a great deal with free shipping though) And yes they work great with hardboots. But I just love to crank G's with my soft set up. Flow NX2s + Ride Insano boots. Riding 20/35 deg I carve steep slopes with hard man made snow. Carve or die! Mats
  4. Have a couple in stock Fred for delivery ASAP. 890USD plus shipping. Check your inbox for answering your other questions. Cheers from Mr SuperSwede ;)
  5. 53 is great age for snowboarding! "Old guys rule!"
  6. Slightly used Afterburner. Minor scratches on topsheet. Base as new. Board in Aspen. Lenght: 182 Waist: 21,5 Radius: 13,7 Price: 650 USD
  7. Flexible. Sideways that is. I ride my wider boards with Intec RS since long time as it's moore toe/heel than side/side thing riding them.
  8. Checked out boards at a shop in Aspen today. Great to see all the new shapes. Asked the flatcap guy who worked there if he had tried a specific board. He hadn't. Talked a while about rockered boards. I said I actually preferred traditional cambered boards for freeriding. Like how it locks in to a carve. He: "I don't like to carve..". Ok, how do you turn your board? I replied. Silence. Then he told me that living in Aspen he had more than one board. So that's why he didn't need to know how carve?
  9. Great. Talk later then Arne. (I happen to have a Metalburner back in Sweden. Last one to go. Found it in the back of my warehouse a couple of weeks ago.)
  10. Got an "as new" Afterburner up for sale! Been in storage since SES a couple of years ago in Aspen. Just demoed. Base in perfect condition and protection waxed. Edges tuned. Very minor signs of use on topsheet. Pick up in Aspen or I'll ship it out inside US. Lenght: 182 Radius: 13,7 Width: 21,5 Priced to sell @ 550$
  11. Here's the answer from Snowboarder Mag. Pretty lame and confused. http://www.snowboardermag.com/featured/outside-an-insiders-perspective/
  12. I don't feel any gloom over snowboarding. I still meet stoked riders. At the big tradeshow in Europe called ISPO it was more brands than ever. New shapes. And up here in Scandinavia there's freeride events targeted to BOTH boarders and skiers. Splitboarding is seen as ok even from skiers horizon. Sure it's a small niche. But growing. Spending a week on Stryn glacier last spring it was 60/40 skier to boarders. But we talk hardcore sidecountry riders riding out of season not resort weekend warriors. Gear is to buy. Slopes groomed and pow to be had. Hell let's have fun while it lasts. No problem for us. I's the board shops and big manufacturers and their reps thats suffering. Let the big guys suffer and support the owner/operator guys like Bomber, Donek, Venture, Powderjet, Virus, Pogo, Furuberg and so on.
  13. Snowboard is lost forever as an industry. But all the new grassroots powsurfing and splitboard manufacturers is saving snowboarding. But as an industry - no way. Talked to a guy at a tradeshow who told me that he as a former Elan rep for Norway sold more on a season in late 90's than total snowboard summed up sales for 20121/13 in Norway. In Sweden total snowboard sales is abysmal. Non existing I would say.
  14. Long boards rule! Doug was pushing the limits. He'll be missed. RIP (and thanks for the storys here)
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