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Madd 158


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For sale a 2002~2003 Madd 158. This board was used at the 2002 ECES, Then bought by a friend. I rode the board 2 times. The board has about 10 days on it. It was tuned and stored at the Startingate, VT. Board is in Mint shape! Don't get this board confused with the 2004~2005 run of Madd's. This one is much closer to the original pressing.

$500.00 OBO.

Plus $20.00 for shipping.


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Guest rodrigo sangria tachinni

i will go as high as $340 for this board, but that is the limit. I am aware of the savings this would represent if the board were new.

thank you,

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Damn Mike! You're the new gear vacuum? :)

So what's your quiver lookin' like now? Upto double digits yet? ;)

Yep, I've got 10 boards now including a Coiler that Bruce is working on:

Rad-Air Tanker 192

Coiler PR 188

Coiler AM Custom 182

Donek GS 180

OSin 4807 178

Donek FC1 175

Coiler AM Custom 172 (on order)

Donek Wide 161

Madd 158

Burton FP 157 (rock board)

I also have two spent Doneks (Axis 172 and Incline 168) which are ready to be made into a bench next spring as well. Those won't get ridden anymore (Axis core is cracked, Incline base and edges are so shot due to summer / fall riding I mean abuse that it's not worth the effort... I took it out in September after sepdning 4 hours working on it and it did not treat me well at all)

The FP 157 will probably get sold once the coverage is good enough here bringing it back down to 9.

The OSin may go as well if I find I can handle the Tanker in right trees.

I only use the Wide once or twice a season but can't bring myself to sell it somehow.

I definitely think I have too many boards especially given my modest ability level but you only live once, right?

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Damn nice quiver! :)

Oddly enough I'm thinking about dwindling down my current quiver. I have three boards I ride now and one in the works. I'm thinking about selling my Axis as I'm getting more attached to the race shapes for alpine. Once I get the 170+ race shape I'm not so sure the Axis will get ridden much at all. I usually stick to my softies on the powder days anyways. Maybe further down the road I will regret selling my Axis who knows.

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Damn nice quiver! :)

I certainly don't *need* all of it. It's nice to be able to push myself when I want to (Coiler 188) and take it easy when I want to (used to be the Axis, now the AM 172) in addition to being prepared for any kind of conditions. Last season I always knew exactly what board I wanted to be on for a given day and conditions - this year it may no longer be the case. who knows, I may find the two AMs redundant or the Coiler 188 and the Donek 180... in which case I would sell the less-versatile one(s) here.

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