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I was just wondering if anyone had any advice about ordering gear, namely some Raichles, off of either ebay.at [ebay austria] or ebay.de [ebay germany]. Is there a payment issue [i.e. with pay-pal], or ordering problems? Obviously there is a language barrier, but is this normally a problem? I don't use ebay myself but my brother has had great luck buying ski equipment from ebay.com, and I noticed they have a much better selection in europe than here for alpine boots. Thanks in advance.

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Guest ethanpt

I just ordered a pair of Raichles from an Austrian. Initially he wanted me to pay with moneybookers.com, however, it is a real hassle to get verified (you have to scan and email copies of your license, credit card and bill- this made me nervous). He then agreed to do paypal. I just sent him the money last nite..hopefully he doesn't rip me off. we agreed on 35 us dollars for shipping- which isn't bad since I only paid 80 bucks for the boots...provided he sends them! which I am pretty sure he will as he has good ratings on ebay. let me know if you have any other questions



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Paypal works fine internationally, I just bought a pair of bindings from a fellow in the Netherlands (hi, Hans). He hadn't heard of the service before, but once I explained it he had no problems using it: everything worked smooth and way more cheaply than trying to do a bank transfer or send a money order (which has costs on both ends).

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Klauke, your ride on Wed nights right? I purchased 4 items on ebay.de and recieved all of them. I had them shipped the cheapest way which is ground/boat which can take 6-8 weeks. I am fluent in German, which helped when dealing with payment. Most of the German ebayers are not familiar with PayPal and do wire transvers for payments. This is easily done in Europe, but a whole different ball game for internally payment. PayPal would be the easiest way, but I have also had to sent Euro Certified money orders for payments. It all depends on how willing the seller is to ship to the US. Make sure to ask before bidding.

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I've bought a few things from ebay.de I've always arranged paypal with the sellers. They seem amazed at how quick the system works.

As far as shipping goes... check and see how muh DHL charges. I've had 2 boards shipped via DHL and they both cost aroung 25 Euros...and come much faster than by boat or postal mail. I ordered once from Blue Tomato...they shipped DHL and it was at my door in 3 DAYS!

If you have any question let me or any of these fine folk know..


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