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  1. Yes! Fitness Connection, the local gym that offers my five-per-week Silver Sneakers workouts has been closed for almost a month. Very long walks with my dog-chewed (really!) dumbbells are having to suffice. Minor, I know, but I really miss those exercise classes. Health and safety to all! BB
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for this, Softboot
  3. 37 MINUTE NPR INTERVEIW WITH JAKE BURTON CARPENTER. They're republishing the PODcast to honor Jake You can find it under NPR's online site - listed under PodCasts - the How I Built This series with Guy Raz. Wonderful stuff. Maybe Burton willl design a terrific all mountain board called The Jake. Softboot could test it. All proceeds to cancer research? BB
  4. Ditto here, complete with dual removable skegs. Since then, I've probably had seven or eight Burtons. What a grand life!!
  5. Vans Duct Tape longboard in Japan http://www.boardsportsource.com/2019/11/05/vans-duct-tape-surf-festival-in-japan-is-biggest-yet/
  6. I hope those Deeluxe Ground Controls prove to be as great as they look. If so, I'm on em.
  7. If there's a more beautiful sport than longboard wave riding, I don't know what it is. RIP https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-mike-doyle-surf-legend-dead-20190502-story.html soB
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