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  1. I have really wide feet. My Deeluxe 325s were so painful I had to sell them (and then my other gear because I was moving). I have since acquired some custom fit ski boots that fit like a dream. I want to get back into carving and thought I might use the ski boots but all the binding descriptions say that they won't fit the ski boot shapes. Is that a liability thing for the manufacturers or if I bought some F2 bindings, would my ski boots work in them? Thoughts?
  2. Sent a PM with exact shipping amount. Roughly $45 CAD.
  3. Gary....will keep them paired up I think. Fragile....PM sent
  4. Bomber TD3 Standard Bindings For Sale Comes with yellow e-rings and 1 x 3 deg cant disc and 1 x 6 deg cant disc. $350 CAD + shipping obo Located near Calgary, AB (board for sale in a separate post)
  5. Deeluxe Track 325 boots for sale. $300 CAD + shipping obo Used a dozen times.....too narrow for my flippers. Includes Deeluxe Heel Harnesses Liners molded once.\ Located near Calgary, AB
  6. Just wondering if there are many/any differences between f2 race titanium bindings from 10 years ago and today. Looking at what's for sale today, they seem identical. I have an old pair pair used 10 times that I was going to sell. Wasn't sure if anyone would bite or even what they are worth being that old. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. Finally! Was at Mont Ste Marie Wednesday and the condition were perfect. Highly recommend. Was at Tremblant last week too. Conditions good also....except versant soleil....death ice chunks. Also was hoping to get out with some other carvers this season. Proposing a weekday Tremblant trip March 8th, 9th, or 10th. Any takers? James
  8. Hi Everyone, Was itching to get out....went to Mont Ste Marie today. Save your money. They seem to have forgotten how to groom. Rocks and weird snow shelves everywhere! The 3 runs that were open were basically 2/3 width. Hopefully with the warmer(but still sub-zero) temps things will soften up and grooming will improve. Might try again next week but....... James
  9. Hello, Moving from Ontario to BC next season. Comox is on the shortlist. Wondering if there is a contigent there? Planning on riding Mt. Washington this season to check it out. Any suggestions on specific runs or anything not to miss in and around the resort? Thanks JK
  10. Hey, Would anyone be interested in Thursday nights instead/as well? Pretty excited to start 2nd season on hardboots. James
  11. JKarve

    switch carving

    Good video! I found the one I was looking for..pretty sweet! https://youtu.be/PC_0jn_tMpA
  12. JKarve

    switch carving

    I found some awesome videos of people carving switch and now I can't find them again! Does anyone know of any? James
  13. Was at Tremblant again today. Hard ice all morning.....slushy afternoon. We had way better conditions when we went. Awesome to meet you guys. Can't wait til next season. James
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