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  1. FG plate - 4X4 mount Similar in mechanism/performance to Donek F-plate and VIST SL plates Good condition $150.00 US plus shipping PM me if interested Bucky
  2. Apex X plate Excellent condition $650.00 US plus shipping PM if interested Bucky
  3. Kessler 171 Great GS board for young or lighter racer, storage was on base This board has been raced quite a bit, but still in good condition for the price. $325 US plus shipping PM if interested Bucky
  4. Good condition $325.00 US plus shipping PM me for if interested Bucky
  5. How do you pronounce that?
  6. bucky

    ASB Stickers

    Thanks dude! My wife thought I was getting mail from someplace I'm not supposed to!
  7. Hi Sent PM on the JJA plate Bucky
  8. bucky

    USASA racing questions

    Alpine Valley East Troy WI near Milwaukee site of several Grateful Dead shows
  9. Hi - I have a Prospect STG 146 that was made locally in Madison WI for my daughter. It is in very good shape. About 20 cm wide at the waist so it can be ridden starting at low angles. Fiberglass construction. $100.00 plus shipping - If interested PM me and I can send pictures. Bucky
  10. This had to hurt - Podium from Rogla 2019 PGS 3 Kesslers, 2 IronRocks, 1 Allflex spring
  11. I took a look at the patents. The patent mentioned on the Allflex webpage (the publication is EP2285457B1) is a granted EPO patent with claims that are directed to . . . a plate for skis. The priority document for the patent was filed in 2008. There is no mention of snowboards in the patent. The claims specify mounting on a ski - "1. A platform for mounting a ski binding (71) to a ski (5) consisting of a fixing assembly (1) which is comprised of at least a base plate (11), which is adapted to be fixed to the upper surface (50) of the ski (5) in each selected area for the fixing of the ski binding (7), and said fixing assembly (1) is adapted to receive and hold a ski boot (6) in the desired position of the intended front assembly (71) and the rear assembly (72) of the ski binding (7), characterized in that the base plate (11) is elastically deformable . . . ." Features 71 and 72 are clearly the toe and heel pieces of standard ski bindings. Don't know if this link will work: https://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?FT=D&date=20121017&DB=&locale=en_EP&CC=EP&NR=2285457B1&KC=B1&ND=4# It may be open to discussion whether a snowboard can be considered to be a ski within the terms of the patent claim. Allflex has filed a new patent application on the spring plate (PCT Publ. 2018169494) which specifically references snowboards. https://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/inpadocPatentFamily?CC=SI&NR=25390A&KC=A&FT=D&ND=3&date=20180928&DB=&locale=en_EP
  12. Jack - seems like you prefer the Apex over Allflex. Can you provide a description of the diffrrences?
  13. First, placed an order on the new bomber. Second, ordered a pair of boots for my daughter from yyz this summer and I can confirm that pricing was in loonies.
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