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  1. I am hanging out for next season. I did all of four days last season. Once the house renovations are finished, the house is sold and I've moved into a condo with nothing better to do, I can ride every weekend. Bonus that our company was acquired a few weeks ago, and year end for accounting is now September and not January ... so I don't have to spend the best months of winter chained to a desk fending off auditors "happy dance".
  2. I loved Siglu. Super cute little village. That whole area was one of my fave parts of Iceland, and the tunnel to get there's fun too!
  3. Seems to be the way. There's a few motorcycle and MTB magazines I've followed over the years, have gone belly up in the last little while. Nobody wants paper any more.
  4. Thank Dog the warmup is coming. It's been SO cold. I read an article yesterday that's forecasting another two weeks of this cold, snowy garbage, and then an abrupt transition to spring. Given that you get much the same weather we do, that has to be good news for you guys. I'm still crossing my fingers that I can drag a couple of friends over to Beerfest before everything closes down for the year.
  5. Billy and Lonbordin are right on the money. I think this is where it's going. In the last couple of seasons I've seen a LOT of kids on soft boots carving, or attempting to carve, and the shape of the boards has changed radically over the same time period. I've had people on soft boots chase me down specifically to talk to me about carving, but they don't want a skinny board and hardboots, they want to do better with the gear they have, or the gear they can buy from the shop. Most kids can't afford more than one board, so they need to make a smart decision as to which board they want to buy and the riding they want to do. It shouldn't be about hardboots v softboots ... it should be about putting trenches in groom in whatever way works for you. That's how we're going to grow "carving" as a sport.
  6. This Feb has been brutal. We're about to break a weather record here, not a single day above freezing for the whole of Feb. Let's hope spring arrives soon.
  7. Heading up tomorrow. Feels like forever since I've been on snow! If anyone else is out say hi.
  8. Great snowboarding in the winter, and wonderful motorcycle riding in the summer? Works for me.
  9. Boo, the Instagram pics look really good! I guess you;re stuck with the crowds for a few days, hopefully that soft stuff grooms down. I miss the Fish! I really want to come down for Beerfest again this year, but I have a ton of travel planned/committed to and might not have the budget. I've only done two days on the board this season - I've been staying off snow to avoid injuring myself for weightlifting comps. Now those are over I have a bunch of days to catch up.
  10. Did you figure out what's going on with your foot?
  11. If you only want $50 for the Blast I'll take it. Can you get a shipping quote to Canada T2J6K9, and PM me? Slow boat is fine, it's going to be a wall hanger, so no hurry. Cheers!
  12. Morrisey is my fave. See if they still have that T-bar with the 90deg right turn - that's fun for sure! And take a spin down Sticks for me - that run is a hoot.
  13. Have fun. There are miles and miles and miles of wonderful blue groomers there, go rip it up.
  14. I know it's getting ridiculously expensive to ski and board at resorts. The lift tickets here are routinely over $100 for a day pass now. I bought my season pass at a local hill this year which has been starving for snow, while the resorts closer to Banff have been getting hammered - but a day trip to Banff, with park entrance, gas, and lift ticket, would run me $150-$170 for the day. I have no clue how people with kids afford to go.
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