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My ski house at Sunday river was broken into last night and they took my Ultra Prime 169 and Alp 69. Man I loved that UP. Anyone got one they want to sell? I think it was a 2001, black with orange streaks, 20 cm waist. Also, I'd appreciate everyone in the area to keep an eye out for these boards. I imagine they'll be unloaded somewhere.


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I have that same board just sitting around. I bought it 2 years ago as a demo and it looked brand new, I rode it about 12 days and then got a oxygen kr72 and haven't ridden it since. Base and edges are in great shape, top sheet has normal scratches from use. Always stored on a rack upside down with wax. Looks like 5/8 of an inch of camber. I could get it to you for $150 including shipping. Steve.

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Bob Jenney was out on his donek and I noticed it had the same topsheet as what he posted was missing but it was a replacement but the point is that people do notice if you tell them what to look for

this was when I was checking tickets at south ridge a couple years ago, I was about to call security if he did not give me the right answers

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