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urgent (and basic) binding question


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i'm packing now, since i have several different boards now, but only 1 pair of plate bindings, some of my binding screws have become mixed up.

i have burton race plates (w/ the 4WD base plates) and rossi soft bindings. some of the screws are a bit shorter, i went to the local shop and they gave me some shorter ones. I'm not very handy so i don't know their measuirements, all i know is most of the ones i have are longer and i was putting on my race bindings to my Donek and I heard a few "tightning" sounds when screwing the last screw in. I hesitate to call them "cracking" sounds. (although I think I heard this last time). This obviously is a little worrying though.

can someone please tell me if it's ok to use both size screws, the difference is small, maybe a few cm at most, and this small cracking noises- what's up with that? the donek is basically brand new.

ok edit. i switched out one of the "washers" and it fits a bit better, still heard the noise though.

please reply soon, thx


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if you do use hardware that is too long, I have dealt with many boards that have had this happen

any shop that carries burton will have new hardware that will work with your bindings, the burton screws for their softboot bindings are the same

get those and you will be all set and you will be able to compare them with the other ones so you know what goes with what

also burton hardware has a notch cut in the screw that has nylon in it, some other brands have this but not all, most just have some goop sprayed on

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  • Pull the bindings off.
  • Put the screw into the insert with your fingers.
  • Turn it LEFT until you hear a click, note where the click is, turn it a couple times to make sure the click is in the same place each time....
  • Turn it left until it clicks once more, then start turning right.
  • Count the number of turns until the screw bottoms out in the insert.
  • That's how many threads of engagement you have to work with.
  • Pull the screw out.
  • Put the binding on.
  • Put the screw in.
  • Turn left, find the click again.
  • Turn right until the binding is snug, and count the turns.
  • How many more turns until the screw bottoms out?
    Or is it already bottomed out?

It's good to have at least a full turn before the screw bottoms out, just to be sure it doesn't get bottomed out when you re-tighten the screws. It's also good to have at least a couple of full turns of engagement before the bindings get tight on the board - the more the better, as long as you're not bottoming out.

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the difference in length b/w the 2 types of screws i'm working with is very small..i estimate 1-2 cm, 1-1.5 threads. that, plus 2 other factors: 1) just for good measure, I replaced all the long screws with short screws and a few times the shorter screw had some trouble catching (which of course leads me to believe the longer screw is fine and 2) I sometimes worry unecessarily have relaxed me a bit, lol. I always tighten bindings before every time out quite tight and I've never had a problem...hopefully i was just freaking over nothing.


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