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Nidecker Next Step + Burton plate bindings=$75+ shipping


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So, here's the deal on this gear: I got this Nidecker Next Step new about 3 seasons ago and put about 8 hours on it over two days of riding before deciding it's way too soft for me. (150 lbs, intermediate rider).


The length on this board is 159 cm. I don't have exact specs, but by my measure the nose/waist/tail measurements are 27 cm/21 cm/26.2 cm. Not sure about sidecut radius.


It's got storage wax on the base, so you can't see it, but there's one significant scratch on the base. However, it doesn't go to the core and I didn't notice that the scratch affected the ride. The topsheet is in nice shape with a few binding scuffs.


The Burton plate bindings came on a Rossi alpine deck a roommate bought on eBay. He put on Cateks and never used these. I finally told him I'd sell them just to get them out of the closet. They are definitely used, but I don't know anything about their history. They come with adaptors for 4x4 inserts. The Catek merchandise is only in the pic as a joke, but you can have it if you want. (binding pics are one thread down)

Prefer to sell both to the same person to minimize hassle, and cost for the bundle is $75 plus shipping.

Thanks all.




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Hey Tcross, sure I'd be willing to send them to Australia, but by the time you pay shipping I'm pretty sure that you could have found something better locally. I mean, not to run down my own merchandise, but it's not exactly high-end gear. (Well, like I said I know nothing about Burton bindings - maybe those are decent. The board is pretty much a beginner board though, I think.)

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Are these bindings sold? Wasn't clear from the postings.



Hi Schell, yep, I'm afraid so - sold the board and bindings in November.

And Bryan, I was at Meadows yesterday and it was a pretty darn nice day. Really want to go up on Wednesday, but don't think I can get away from work.

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