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OT: How do I get more than one profile on one computer?


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Cookies, innit. The venerable webmeister needs to provide a "login as another user" page, or you need to logout after each session. The site should then prompt you (or whoever) to log back in for the next visit.

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Looks like the only way to do this is to go to your browser and "delete all cookies" then go to the website forum. It will then ask you to log on and then you can sign-up for a new account.

I looked for an option on the forum admin to see if you could "log-out" on the forum but it looks like it will not do this. Will look into this more.

Hope this helps,

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Not sure what operating system you use but the best solution is to create another login and she should log into the machine with her own usernam/password combo... I know this is the best solution if you use Win 2000 or XP(probably for mac too) . In win2k, log in as a user with admin rights (ie. Administator) , right click on my computer, select 'manage'|Local users and groups|Users. Right click on users and select New User. Create a login/password for your girlfriend. Easiest setup is to check only the boxes that say Password Never Expires and User Cannot Change Password ..

This keeps separate cookies for each user( as well as Favorites, Desktop, etc)

Hope this isn't overkill

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Originally posted by Steve Wood

just switch to Mozilla altogether.

It supports multiple user profiles, so you can select your identity each time you start the browser.

This will get you seperate cookies, history, bookmarks, passwords, and IMHO a better browser to boot.


I'm a Mozilla user also. I even installed it on my computer at work and people look at it and ask "What is it?", the same way softbooters look at an alpine setup:D !


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