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OK, so who do you LOVE on the hill?

Guest DruckenCarver

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Guest DruckenCarver

I love ... your WIFE on the hill ... several times a week, in fact ...


Anyway, since we've got a thread about who you hate on the hill, why not spread the love? :) Who loves ya, baby?

*Other carvers. Yes, the brotherhood is strong. We all can do that secret handshake with the hill.

*Softbooters who can carve with the best of 'em. Really, they're closet hard-booters, but you gotta respect someone leanin' it over in softies!

*People who ask questions about your setup. Someone listed these people as ones they hate, but I love educating the public. Spread the word, brothas! Can I get an "amen"?

*Parents who make their kids stop way off to the side, or in front of a lift pole; who constantly remind their kids in the nicest way possible to watch uphill; who reassure their kids and don't chew 'em out for mistakes.

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Originally posted by rather_wakeboard

I love the cute girls at Buck who give me my lift ticket each night with a smile and a "have a great night". In my mind they are all at least 18-20 years old! :D

I do miss a certain lift attendant... She could swing my chair anytime...

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my wife - a rockin' skier.

other carvers (regardless of equipment), and people who respect/encourage/compliment carvers.

a good telemarker jamming in the moguls.

nice lifties.

people who wear funny stuff in the spring.

too many others I'm forgetting at the moment.

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Anybody kicking ass in any type of gear, but especially the handicapped guys. There's one guy who used to ski Paradise (big, mogul-filled bowl) at Louise with one leg, and kill anybody except the freestyle specialists.

People who stop to help someone who's hurt. That includes the patrollers, but also those that just happen by and do what they can until the sled arrives.

Smooth old guys - love to see those 70 year olds arcing turns and still loving it, cause that's where I want to be 30 years from now.

Softbooters who appreciate what we do - love to get a hoot from the lift from those guys.

The guys who rule the park - I don't go there, but I appreciate the entertainment from the lift.

Lifties with a sense of humour, especially the cute ones from Australia.

Turning around in the chair once in a while to just appreciate the view, and how lucky and privileged we are to be taking that ride.

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I love...

My wife, even though she is a two-planker - and she t-boned me last year, but I got a new Donek out it!

The little kids on any kind of gear.

The patrollers and others who help folks out on the hill.

Folks who chat with you on the lift - especially those who ask about carving.

Anyone carving a line on the hill!

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Good thread, as long as it isn't too crowded other people on the hill are great. Someones gotta cheer from the lift when you ride under it right?

I love:

*People who loan me thier tools. I try to ride with a leatherman, but when I forget it guarantees that something will come loose

*Other carvers (of course) especially when they have good tips on technique

*people who can carve a line, regardless of equipment (Even skiers) Having someone carve under you makes it a lot esier to explain what your board is for to people on the lift

*hot girls

*people who realize the stupid restraint bar is stupid

*people who can get off a six person chair without falling on top of me

*those guys in the orange vests who direct traffic in the freezing cold morning when it's snowing, that can't be a fun job

*the ticket people who will sell me a youth ticket when I show my college id (I'm 22 and a grad student)

*begining skiers who fall. I feel bad about it but a good yard sale is hilarious

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Guest DruckenCarver
Originally posted by rather_wakeboard

I got offered some grass in the gondola the last time I was at keystone, that doesn't happen much in the midwest.

Hardly conclusive: there's only one gondola I know of in the midwest. If we had more than just one place with 1,000+ ft of vert then maybe there'd be just as much weed in midwestern gondolas as western ones. :p

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Guest jeffnstefanie

I love the guys that slow the lift down when they see how uncoordinated I am.

People who pay attention and do not run me over when I fall getting off the lift

I love the guy at Loon that lets me try to find a spot in the parking lot even though the FULL sign is up.

I love the guy that takes time out of his day to slow down and look at me and say " HEY, ARE YOU OK ?"

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my love goes to the mother nature before anything.......for freezing cold and harsh snow

-a cute little kids with their gears

-hot chicks without boyfriends

-a carver who gives me tips....... when he finds out I really suck....:D

-beginner female snowboarder who needs my help......:rolleyes:

-my snowboard......who is in stress for handling my 230lb FATASS.........:D

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