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When snowboarding, I struggle with hydration. I got a new Platypus water bladder that holds 750ml. 

What I have been doing is to fill it up in the morning and drink the entire thing. I then refill it and put it into a pocket in my parka. We go out riding for 4 - 4.5 hours. I usually run out after about 3 - 3.5 hours (then I'm thirsty). So this is a total of about 1.5 liters.  

I've tried various Camelbaks but I don't like the big lump between my shoulder blades on the lift. The 750ml Platypus bladder is about the biggest I can fit into an inside parka pocket.  

Do others have similar problems and have you found a superior solution?

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Similar issues.  Have used Camelbak or derivatives since they launched, but for MTB or enduro.  Agree that smooshing the pack on the chair is a drag.  I simply buy shells or insulated jackets with monster pockets and bring water bottles.  Nalgene makes all different sizes.  Either that, or I ask someone else to carry the pack with the camera, the food, the water…

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I'd say get used to the camelbag, after a while you won't notice it anymore.

I got so used to riding with a backpack that I always ride with one, also on 100% resort days. I prefer it to stuffing things in my pockets. So to me riding with a tiny camelbak does not seem an issue.

For MTB I have an Evoc cc 3L pack that is really minimalist and flat, was a bit pricy though. 

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I figured out the best compromise (for me). 

 I just took a small, 1.5 liter minimalist CamelBak, fastened the sternum strap and put it on backwards. This puts up to 1.5l on your chest (instead of your back). Like a 1500ml "uni-boob" in the middle of your upper chest. Kind of big when you start out in the morning but gets smaller every time you drink. 

This seems like a better solution to others. A 750ml bladder in my right waist pocket is too small and interferes when I try to bend down. A 1500ml CamelBak on my back is a pain to ride the lift with - feels like it's going to push me off the lift. 

But the 1500ml CamelFront is enough water and I'm the least aware of it. 

 Anyone else try this?

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You might look into electrolyte powders like Skratch Labs or LMNT ("element").  The idea is that the electrolytes and minerals allow your body to absorb water better.  Then you might not need to carry and manage so much water.

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