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Donek F Plate came with Eight Oval Nuts?

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Hello, fellow Carvers,
 I am preparing for the 2024 Montucky Clear CUT and purchased a REV 163 UPM from eBay and a Donek F Plate from Gear Trade.
The Donek F Plate (UPM version). The F Plate came with eight oval nuts.  What are these oval nuts used for? The F Plate did not come with any instructions.  Does anyone have a set of instructions for mounting the Donek F Plate (UPM version) to the Rev 163?

FYI: I wish I had found this forum before making my purchases.

Kind Regards,

Powder Rider

F Plate.jpg

F Plate Oval Nut.jpg

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  • Powder Rider changed the title to Donek F Plate came with Eight Oval Nuts?

Hey Pow,

I got two F Plates myself and those oval tabs are Bar nuts and have nothing to do with setting up your F Plate on your board.  The Bar nuts fit in recessed holes on the backside to hold the front and rear metal discs on the side rails.  Did you get any of the mounting screws?  Seems like previous owner didn't have a clue on it's parts.....

As for F Plate setup....it only fits one way with the Donek logo toward the nose, move the sliders over a set of front Slider inserts and you will see where the rear Plate holes can lineup with the inserts on your board.....move accordingly to line up the Plate over the inserts.  You don't have a lot of options fore and aft. 

On 1/7/2024 at 9:49 PM, Powder Rider said:

Gear Trade

What is Gear Trade?  and how much did you pay?? 

Also I assume you know your best binding setup is a low stack height/low profile binding.       I use Bomber BP Lowers with Bomber SW SI's.  With a regular binding on a Plate  the stack height is crazy high imo.


Additionally  I hope you have had a few days to ride your Rev 163 sans any Plate to get the hang of it.  Revs are a Serious ride that will pitch you into the woods if your not constantly on your A Game!   

Hope this helps............

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Barry J, 

Thank you for your input on the Donek F plate and the Rev 163.  I ordered some Bomber Sidewinders BP bindings.  Looking forward to setting up the Rev with the SW bindings and the F Plate for carving at the Montucky Clear Cut.

I paid $218 for the F Plate on Gear Trade.  I wish I had found this forum before making my recent purchases.

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