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Cars: Anybody Here Got Experience with Mercedes SL400/500 or E400/450 Series??


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So..... looking for a convertible and the MB SL400 and the E400's have caught my eye.     The wife and I are test driving the SL and and E series Cabrios next week.   I work in CA and we have been contemplating a cross country road trip from Cali to our home in NH in May and then for me to drive it back to Cali in Aug.

I've test driven both but need to get the wife in them to see what she likes comfort wise.     I could be happy with either.     Obviously the E series offers more room/storage.

Just wondering if anybody has had experience good or bad with either series cost to maintain, reliability, E series soft top vs SL series retractable hard top .....etc. 

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Merc convertibles are great. I have an old SLK as my summer toy, love it. The only thing I dislike is the early version of engine computer/chip. It kind of learns how you drive and tries to adjust the engine torque/acceleration to it. With the city driving at slower speed and lots of stopping, it becomes a granny car after a while. I do the factory reset every now and then, to keep it lively. 

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