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What makes a great carving jacket?


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My 3-in-1 jacket/liner/vest that I've used for 20+ years has disintegrated. RIP. So I've been searching the Interwebs for my next jacket. But all "highly recommended" and "best in class" jackets do not look practical at all. What I liked about my deceased shell top was the strategic placement of pockets. Left chest I had a radio pocket (i.e. antenna hole and no need to take gloves off to talk), right chest another easy access pocket. Side pockets, inner pockets, etc. Nothing interfered with the movement, etc. If it got cold I added the liner. If it got really cold I added the vest on top. If I didn't need the hood, it rolled up into the collar. And so on. It was the best thing ever.

So what makes a carving jacket good for you? What do you have and love? Or hate.

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stio look sweet, but i ride marmot and an oakley cause i got a deal i couldn't refuse. the oakley has zipper issues after a couple years. main zipper. annoying. marmot is at least ten years and still going strong.

need to have the forearm pass pocket and helmet friendly hood. neoprene or something cuffs are pretty sweet to keep the snow out. internal phone pocket. couple extra pockets for 'stuff'. rigid items get stored in my pant pockets. abrasion resistant, windproof and good waterproof. nothing too heavy. shell and layer is the way.

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Whatever is on the discount rack, doesn't have pockets/seams on the hip/butt area, has pit zips for cooling, and a chest pocket for phone/tunes. Preferably non-insulated so I can layer, but that's hard to find on discount racks. 

I mask off and add PlastiDip spray on the hip area to make it last longer. 

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