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FIFA World Cup 2022


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Cool.  Ostensibly this means they are interested in improving the game.  I have some other ideas...

1 - Actually enforce no-flopping rules.  In the USA/Iran game I saw at least a dozen flops, and 0 were called.  It's cheating, unsportsmanlike, and pathetic.

2 - Delay of Game penalties for keeping the ball in your own half for too long, or too many consecutive backwards passes.  So much time is spent playing backwards.  I find it infuriating when a team can have the ball inside the opponent's 18 only to pass it all the way back to their own goalie.

3 - Replace "stoppage time" with simply stopping the clock for injuries and whatever else contributes to stoppage time.  Shouldn't everyone know how much time is left to play?

4 - Eliminate off-sides.  Would make the game so much more exciting and higher scoring.  Goals are so rare and thrilling, taking them back for this arbitrary rule is no fun.

They've implemented similar improvements in many other sports to make the games more exciting, why not soccer?  Sorry, football.

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