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Oxess Boardercross X-1/14.5

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About 2 years ago I got frustrated with my everyday board (Tanker 187 Wide) because the radius was so short (11m) that it felt hooky in trees and bumps and it folded up like an accordion when pushed hard on a groomer. I’m 6’4” and 185# and I wanted something with a longish effective edge and a longer radius so it would have a higher comfortable speed on a groomed run and not feel busy off groomed. What I really wanted was a board that would handle a shallow powder day (6”) and then lay trenches when I left the powder and pulled out on the groomed trail. It was then that I bought a used Oxess 170 cm boardercross board with a 17 m radius.

The 17m Oxess was a revelation. Smooth and damp and happy off the groomed and fun at mach II on a groomer. It was nearly perfect….nearly. The 17m radius was long enough that you needed to be on a fairly steep run for hard carving to make sense. I felt I needed something with a slightly shorter radius that would carve hard at medium speeds.

At the very end of last season I took delivery of a custom Oxess X-1/14.5.  I asked the good folks at Oxess to make me the same board but with a 14.5m radius to allow hard and deep carving at something less than warp speed. I got one day in last year and it was a wonderful tease at Big Sky. It was very firm and the board had such great edge hold it was hard to believe. But a more well rounded test had to wait for this year.

This year I rode it a lot. On any day that we got enough snow for full-on alpine race boards to not make sense I rode the Oxess. It would carve the piste like a race board and then I could pull off into the trees or the edge pow and float around….and then do ass-draggers back on the groomed. It was of course never intended to be a powder board but it handled that very well (keeping the Tanker 187 for truly deep days) and it carves as good as most race boards I’ve ridden.

Our season ended today at Bridger Bowl. The off groomed was 1” of fresh over corral reef. Not good. The groomers were a mix of near bullet proof to awesome hard chalk depending on the aspect and sun exposure. The Oxess carved conditions that many would think of as unusable gave great feedback as to how much grip was left at any given time. I could have ridden a race board today but those I was riding with would be popping in and out of the trees and a narrow race board would blow for that. The Oxess was totally in its element. The edge hold is frankly shocking and it took some time this year to trust it. As long as your body is stacked up over it well, it will hold.

I could not be happier with this thing. It’s fun and playful and has the edge hold of a full-on race board. It will skid and pivot and float off-piste and then dive in deep and hard on corduroy…..and then carve seriously hard conditions well enough that your slalom ski buddies can’t figure out how you are carving when they can’t. Fun. It makes nearly all conditions fun. It’s going to be a long summer with this thing in storage.






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2 hours ago, lonbordin said:

@David Kirk nice review.

Isn't the X-1 one of the Oxess freecarve series designed for softboots?

Is yours a different model?  Any additional info/specs would be welcomed, thanks!


I think the CX and FX are different boards. The X-1 is the boardercross board.

Mine is a 169 and I think the waist is 25.9.



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