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F2 Titanflex meets Gecko Plate

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1 hour ago, Chouinard said:

Never tried td3 sw but I think they provide lateral flex. These won’t because the center is fixed…no opportunity to rotate around longitudinal axis.

Tempted to make the drive to Bessemer based on the latest forecast…what’s 8hrs +/-?

F2's have similar lateral play as sidewinders. The sole of the boot rocks back and forth on the toe & heel blocks. You can see it if you clamp in and move your boot side to side.  Sidewinders were designed to mimic that F2 side to side play using an axle in the toe & heel blocks.

Indianhead/Blackjack are open Th-F-S-S the next couple of weekends (weather permitting), and then that's it. Should be good this weekend after the past 2 storms. 

P.S. just noticed that you have stepins. I suppose that negates any lateral flex.

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Milled a cutting board down with a router to slightly less than 10cm. I sourced stainless bolts that hold the toe and heel blocks to the binding base but extend thru the bottom so I could thread on some left over bumpers from a set of gecko plates. 

If you find a source of bumpers let me know because I have another setup that needs more bumpers.

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