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Most Comfortable Soft Bindings?


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My current setup is the best that I have found for my riding, so far...I am using two pairs of Catek Freerides...one with Burton P1 Carbon ankle straps and stock toe straps and the other pair has burton C-16 ankle and toe straps on it...the Nidecker straps from the Freeride Pro's are comfortable too, but a little too wide for my liking so I changed them to the above setup. The other thing that makes these bindings so comfortable is being able to adjust the cant and lift to my own liking and it makes running higher angles in soft boots more comfortable.

speed is your friend...

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I like the Salomon bindings, but only with Salomon boots. I know boots are like helmets, you wear what model fits you, but I have NEVER had sodt boots as comfortable as my Salomon Synapse and they fut the bindings perfectly - the "fishbone" ankle strap is the most comfortable I've tried, and I like the "slide-over" toe straps. I agree with the above that Buton bindings are great, but they work best with Burton boots, which for some reason KILL my feet. I also had a bad experience with the toe-cup straps on the Burtons...kept catching the extra strap that sticks out on stuff in the woods - must be my size 11 dogs.

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I've had Burton Missions, Burton P1MD, Salomon SP4, Catek Freeride with SPX6 straps, and Nidecker 800 Pros, the Burtons were pretty comfy, but overall I like the Nidecker 800s the most. The Nidecker are as comfy as the Burtons (in my unscientific opinion as I have the P1MD right now as well), but give a much snugger hold with the HUGE ankle strap so you don't have to over tighten, which also helps with comfort.

Also the Nideckers come with a Lateral Dampening pads that sits under the baseplate to absorb high frequency vibration sort of like the TD2 elastomer rings and really gives it a smooth ride (you'll notice it in variable snow condition like slush over boilerplate or frozen hardpack when the entire board will vibrate as you rub over the rock hard groomer lines). The Nidecker 900 have a gel-pad under their straps for more comfort (it's the straps that Cateks use in their FR Pros) and the high-back is taller and stiffer that gives you responsiveness that is second only to the Catek FR.

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