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Thirst CC+ 165 (Ridden w/ Hardboots only)


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Board specs: 165cm length, 23.5cm waist width, 144cm effective edge, 10m ish sidecut. 

Binding angles: F2 race titan flat toe lift/heel lift and with F2's toe and heel lift 50/45ish. 

Rider specs: 6'5" 210lb hardbooter of 6 years with no racing experience(not much racing down here in NM). Ridden w/ Mountain Slope D shell boots

I picked up this board from the classified section here as my shorter all mountainish board. It was a Demo board to be but Al had deemed it too stiff for an all weights demo board so I decided to pick it up and give it a try. The CC+ is designed to be a hybrid softboot to hardboot carver for people getting into hardbooting from what I gather. The plus in the CC+ is of a heartier construction than the regular CC I imagine. I have ridden this board a handfull of times and each time it starts to shine a little more albeit after I get used to the waist width as I've gotten used to my Thirst 8RW's waist of 18.7cm so the extra width does take a few runs to get used to. With the extra width I find myself hesitating on the edge engagement until the muscle memory begins to develop for the CC+, but maaaan when I start to lay this guy over it really shines. For being 165 and all mountain shape I was a little hesitant to really push the board but it handled everything I threw at it. It was a little flexier than I was used to which contributed to my hesitancy but when I got over that and started to enjoy flexing the board more it was great. The slightly softer flex was definitely conducive to the all mountain aspects for things like going into the trees and over bumps. I haven't been able to ride it in deep powder but I have in a foot or so of fresh and it rides like a dream for a hardboot board. Definitely glad I picked this one up for its spot in the quiver as I now have a big pow board and this my smaller all mountain/pow board. I want to get some more days on this guy but with my ever expanding quiver it can be hard to decide what to hop on (especially with my new Thirst XC metal on the way 🙂). I will absolutely be bringing this board along whenever I think the snow will be a bit softer or I want to play in the trees though. I think this board would be great to learn on and wish I would have picked something like this up instead of a GS board lol.



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Thanks for your feedback on this model! I have not ridden one and Big Snow Outfitter's "demo" model is sold as well. A new CC+ is on the way for BSO inventory as the Cross to Carve sure seems to be the best thirst option for the walk-in snowboarder.

Have a great season!


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With the help of @Algunderfoot I’ve added the same board (from BSO)to my quiver; my set up is almost identical to that of @ThePeonsChamp - F2 race titanium binders at 46/48 and Deeluxe 225 boots. I’ve ridden various permutations of Donek Inclines for a number of years so 23.5cm is my sweet spot for board width and as a patroller I stick to the groomers. After my first couple of outings on the CC+ I’m blown away by what Scott Firestone described as the “dialed in, locked-in” feeling of the perfect carved turn….it’s akin to the sensation of riding a smooth curved rail while enjoying the high G sensation. I’m guessing the special sauce involves the board’s overall flexibility combined with incredible torsional stiffness - whatever it is, count me as a huge Thirst fan!


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