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Instagram altering photos?


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has anyone ever had any of their instagrams altered without consent?


i took this photo back in 2019 when the snowboard team from China was in town. their coach was riding ahead of me. the jacket had CHINA emblazoned on it and was perfectly framed in the chair just beneath the hood. it was a cool moment -- its not every day a team from China shows up at your local bump. i scrolled through my photos and discovered that instagram removed CHINA from the jacket.


its bizarre... i'm suprised they haven't deleted my instagram of the two horses having a special moment at sunset .



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On 10/17/2021 at 9:30 AM, bobble said:

has anyone ever had any of their instagrams altered without consent?


Not even a good crop job unless those chairs have the ability to phase into the jacket....

With FB ( IE, Instagram ) having their China political connections, there is no doubt they scan for the word "China" as well as many other words and actively edit to keep Beijing happy. Welcome to this world that was allowed to happen man....   A shame really, as I get how cool a pic that would be as someone who loves world travels.

I keep all photos or videos off the net as my primary copy just in case as I have read those pesky use contracts, and I am someone who keeps digital alive in the world for a living. I even switched to an android phone as those are the only ones that can take an extra SIM and default all photos and movies to the extra 256GB SIM as I don't keep anything in the cloud as my primary, but only my secondary source. Next time you get the once in a lifetime shot, you might do the same.....

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Well, all of the other China snowboard team photos seem unaltered...  China on sleeve and Chinese characters on the back.  Also surprised that the coach did not have the same jacket as the team members.  So, are you sure that particular photo had China on it?  (also note that your photo was posted two weeks after the China Team photos).

If it really happened, that sucks.


(AFAIK, Instagram is blocked in China to start with)

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