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OT - POP UP ad blocker

C5 Golfer

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Hey Al, I'd recommend either downloading and using the free Firefox web browser, it has a built-in popup blocker. Or, getting Popupstopper from Panicware:



Popupstopper, if you don't use Firefox:


The Free version is here:


My brother lives in Bellevue, his name is Tim, maybe you know him!

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I second Firefox. I have been using Firefox/Mozilla since the demise of Netscape 4, I could never stand Internet Exploder.

I you really, really, really want Internet Exploder, there are a couple of things you can check out.

-If you use Windows XP, install the Service Pack 2, it stops pop ups

-You could try Avant Browser http://www.avantbrowser.com/ It is some sort of extension to Internet Exploder with pop up blocking and tabbed browsing

-Free Surfer http://www.kolumbus.fi/eero.muhonen/FS/ is a good pop up blocker that I used for sites that absolutely required Internet Exploder.

But like I said, Firefox would be the better choice here.

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Guest giorgio32123
Originally posted by Tommy D

Blocks all the popups you want, and STILL allows you to open new windows when clicking on links.

Tabbed browsing is cool! :D

Not true. It does not stop all popups.

It does not stop flash popup adds and they became very popular these days. I do not mean embedded flash components, but those funky windows showing up and flyiing like crazy over the contants. Try Netscape web site to find out what I mean.

Fortunatelly, they have fixed a bug showing popup with Javascript after I and few other users reported it 2-3 years ago. New York Times web site was the best place to demonstrate that.

Tabbed browsing existed before Mozilla. It was Opera standard.

Now I use IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari and Opera depending on environment.

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My husband uses Mozilla with his Windows ME. I have Windows XP with the upgrade-nary a problem with either....

Also, make sure your spyware is upgraded frequently. I'm worried about my spybots-last time I ran it-no spyware detected. I'm not naive enough to think my OS blocked EVERYTHING!!!

Also, look into registry software if you don't have XP-it'll let you delete things your browser, spyware software, and firewall missed.

I had a trojan once-been hypervigilant ever since....

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For people like me who like to check things manually, the are Startup Control Panel and Startup Monitor at http://mlin.net/ who do a good job. One tells you what starts automatically with your computer and one tells you when a software wants to be in your automatic startup. Autoruns at http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/utilities.shtml is also good for checking software that starts automatically with your computer.

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Thanks for all your help and advice.

I downloaded the latest SP2 from MS. and their Beta Blocker and Ad-Aware from Download.com. Been on line two days now and for a couple of hours - no popups. All ok now so far. Ad-Aware found 260 critical items and Norton found 40. Looks like my computer was in need of a medical checkup

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