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UPZ Boots


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I am looking for new boots. Been riding BurtonFires and have been happy with them. Looking at the review section and can't find anything on the UPZ boots. They look like great boots. Any feedback from you all would be appreciated. It's tough since you can't just run down to the local shop and try on a variety of brands.



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And they are the best boot that I have ridden. They are a little on the stiff side. Much like the AF-700. But they have a bunch of great features that I like. First, the buckles are great in that they allow you micro adjust the tension. The sole is shorter then the same size Deeluxe or Head boot which allows you to run lower angels if you so choose. And the rear spring mechanism has spring on both heel and toeside. Plus you can lock the upper cuff in any of 5 positions and get spring suspension within that range.

I didn't like the stock liner but I put some Thermoflex liners in there and they are by far the most comfortable boot that I have ridden. I can buckle them in the morning and not touch them until I take them off at night.

Personally, unless you are a featherweight rider I would highly recommend them.


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they may not work well with some intec bindings

they do not work with the TD1 SI but do work with the TD2 SI

the liners are crap get some thermos

and the heel pocket is narrow and causes me pain I actually have only used mine a couple times because I need to do some shell work on them to make em comfy

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that is odd

what happens with mine is the bail hits the sides of the boot.

with the TD2 its tight but works

my boots do have wear points though from where contact is made with the bails so it kinda worries me I was thinking that it could put cause stress on the intec heel in ways that it is not meant to handle

if I remeber correctly the guy that had a intec failure was in UPZ boots

I am not saying that the boots made it happen but they could have been part of the problem.

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I think they ride better than the Raichle stuff just have some minor issues

the forward flex on those boots is the best of any boot I have ridden its very springy they make the AF 700 feel like a bag of sand on your foot

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