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Ban me if you must but please read this first ! This is not intended to be political but might be viewed that way. If your politicians are not working together as ours are in Canada you must protect yourself from the spread of Covid 19. If your State is not locked down and telling people to stay home and away from others you are at great risk. Some politicians are stupid and don't listen to truth or science if you happen to have a governor that hasn't responded to this threat or is ignoring the risk they will kill a great number of people I hope you are not one of them. The numbers of sick and dead are climbing each day here in Canada and we have been doing what the experts have advised longer than most of the United States have been doing it. It is coming to you next and despite what stupid political leaders are saying it will affect you and your family .  Isolate your family don't go anywhere unless absolutely necessary wear a mask wash your hands don't touch your face. Center for Disease Control is not a political body they tell the truth not all  politicians do . Listen to what medical experts are saying politicians are not medical experts and neither are political parties. News Media are not the enemy lies are so you better be smarter than you politicians are or Covid 19 could kill you !

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i am doing my part


in all seriousness. i am fortunate that i work remotely. ms. bobble is between jobs and has eased off her job search since everything is in flux. we are taking this seriously. no more eating out at restaurants. no takeout. i wear gloves when we have to run errands. I wash my hands all the time. we order groceries online from two stores and pick them up. there's a backlog with our preferred grocer that it takes more than 2 weeks to pick up our order.

this week i had to drive twice to check up on my mother. along the way i saw numerous people in the playgrounds. the tennis courts were crowded and with spectators even though the governor of minnesota has issued a stay at home order.

i'd like to think minnesota is better behaved than florida.

our next steps will be diy face masks.

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