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FS: Burton Wind boots, 28 mondo

Head Monkey

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I have a pair of Burton Wind boots for sale. Size is 28 mondo. These are brand new. I rode on them two days, but they were too small for my size 10.5us foot. I bought them on sale years ago (maybe 2000 or so??) so I couldn't return them. I ended up finding a pair of AF600's that fit me great, so these have sat in a closet ever since. Original liners, but no footbeds (don't know where they went.) These boots barely have a scratch on them.

$100us plus shipping. Email me: mikemag at happymonkeysnowboards dot com and I'll send you pictures.

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Here are some pics of the boots. You can see that they're in excellent condition, with only minor scuffs on the toes.

<img src="http://www.happymonkeysnowboards.com/mike/ForSale/snowboardstuff%20040%20(Small).jpg">

<img src="http://www.happymonkeysnowboards.com/mike/ForSale/snowboardstuff%20041%20(Small).jpg">

<img src="http://www.happymonkeysnowboards.com/mike/ForSale/snowboardstuff%20042%20(Small).jpg">

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