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My parents are mid 80s. They grew up in Brooklyn and had never been around anyone that skied .
They went on a ski trip when they were in there 30s and decided this was for our family . The next week we had gear ,season passes and a place for the winter . We lived on Long Island and traveled every weekend and break from the time I was 4 to the berkshires. It consumed me and him . My mom and sister went along with it and were good sports.

I spent 3 years in CO as a young adult , worked at a ski area and didn’t miss a day . I come back to NY and grew up but didn’t stop skiing. 
My kids grew up the same as me and are grown but still get to the mountains every chance they can . 
My mom stopped skiing 10 yrs ago but my kids spent plenty of time on slopes with her and have plenty of great memories. My dad still travels to the berkshires most weeks ,still skis a few days every week and my kids choose our mountain so they can meet him and me . Hopefully my grandkids will ski with me and my wife. 

Every winter for the last 5 years or so ,Dad says will be his last but the new season comes and he tries it again . Just a little slower each year but still loving it . 
I can’t imagine what a life without skiing /boarding would be like. Thanks Mom and Dad .

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I've tried to imagine the day I will take the last run of the day on my last day of the season of my last season. Not a happy thought.

All of us will face that someday. The question is: Will we be conscious that it is the last run or will we only realize it after the fact?  

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What a great thread. Thanks Cbrkid for your story! Loved reading about how you and your Dad took up skiing and how winter alpine has impacted your life. It really got me reflecting on my own journey, people I've met, and how time passes away. And about the people I'm interacting with on the slopes today. More stories all!!!✍️👏

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