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  1. I still haven’t decided what to do . I don’t take purchases lightly so I don’t want to use them until I’m sure . Ivan confirmed that the shells of the 28.5 are the same as 29.5. I guess that means that the 26.5-27.5 are the same . 26.5 sounds short for my 28.2 feet. I have a deluxe 28 thermofit liner not used, I bought for my deluxe boots . Is that a suitable liner for the UPZ boots ? Thanks
  2. Liner out. I think I just have skinny feet. Odd though that the Deeluxe I was riding just always felt too tight . Thanks for the replies .
  3. Thanks for the replies. I wore them for some time tonight and I don’t think I could use a shorter boot but my whole foot front is swimming while my heel is held tight. I can squeeze 2 fingers in the shell but it is tight. I have a set of 28 Thermofits I have never used ,maybe I will try those . They seem to be higher volume than the UPZ liners . I will wear them a couple more nights and decide by the weekend
  4. I could use some opinions on UPZ boots recently purchased but not used yet . I have been using Deluxe 225 for last 15 years in 28.5. I never felt they fit properly . Too short and too tight in toe box even though I think I have very skinny feet and I never had proper heel hold in the Deluxe.My feet are 27.9 and 28.2. My new UPZ boots are a 28.5. Front of my toe just touches the boot front. Great heel hold but my toes can move around as if I don’t have shoes on . I’m not a crazy performance minded rider . Just want to be comfortable and be happy with my purchase for 10 years. I waited a while for these and don’t want to exchange because I want to use this weekend but I also don’t want to be disappointed about my purchase . Do you guys think I should try and return to get a 28 ? Thanks
  5. Billb

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    Hi jl1, do you want to give me a phone # or email address ? I’m curious what’s the price drop ? The price in your price drop email is the same in your 1st email . Thanks
  6. Billb

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    Thanks Daveo , I have a brand new pair of the thermomold deluxe liners . Even though all upzs come with flo ,most people change them out ?
  7. Billb

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    I’m not familiar with the flo liners . Will they remold or will I require new liners? Do you know if the deluxe wrap heat moldable liners will work in these ? Thanks I also want to make sure no shell modifications have been made.
  8. Billb

    Yo Lci!!

    Hi Big Mario, it was great to meet you guys . Sorry we didn’t stick with you guys longer but time with a grown daughter is precious and we where each flying off to different cities in a few hours. My daughter thought it was neat to see so many people on this wierd gear that she has seen me on for years . If you or any of the guys have any any pointers for me it would be welcome. Thanks
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