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  1. Billb

    Last Chair

    My parents are mid 80s. They grew up in Brooklyn and had never been around anyone that skied . They went on a ski trip when they were in there 30s and decided this was for our family . The next week we had gear ,season passes and a place for the winter . We lived on Long Island and traveled every weekend and break from the time I was 4 to the berkshires. It consumed me and him . My mom and sister went along with it and were good sports. I spent 3 years in CO as a young adult , worked at a ski area and didn’t miss a day . I come back to NY and grew up but didn’t stop skiing. My kids grew up the same as me and are grown but still get to the mountains every chance they can . My mom stopped skiing 10 yrs ago but my kids spent plenty of time on slopes with her and have plenty of great memories. My dad still travels to the berkshires most weeks ,still skis a few days every week and my kids choose our mountain so they can meet him and me . Hopefully my grandkids will ski with me and my wife. Every winter for the last 5 years or so ,Dad says will be his last but the new season comes and he tries it again . Just a little slower each year but still loving it . I can’t imagine what a life without skiing /boarding would be like. Thanks Mom and Dad .
  2. I used the boots with the stock liners day 1 . My feet were swimming and they hurt bad. After using the boots again day 2 with a new molded thermofit wrap liner bought for my deluxe boots years ago , I have no doubt I got the correct size in boots . They felt great . Thanks for the help. Billb
  3. Billb

    UPZ Intec heel

    Thanks for the replies. I’m going to order the kit noted above to convert my unused right heel to a left Intec heel . BIllb
  4. Billb

    UPZ Intec heel

    Or maybe the heels from the deluxes are the same and I don’t need new ones . I will just use the right heel that I never used and put it on the left but the handle will be on the inside .
  5. Billb

    UPZ Intec heel

    I need a left foot Intec heel for a UPZ boot. I only use a step in on my rear foot and I have recently started using UPZ after deluxe . I tried a lever but I am just too old . Thanks
  6. I still haven’t decided what to do . I don’t take purchases lightly so I don’t want to use them until I’m sure . Ivan confirmed that the shells of the 28.5 are the same as 29.5. I guess that means that the 26.5-27.5 are the same . 26.5 sounds short for my 28.2 feet. I have a deluxe 28 thermofit liner not used, I bought for my deluxe boots . Is that a suitable liner for the UPZ boots ? Thanks
  7. Liner out. I think I just have skinny feet. Odd though that the Deeluxe I was riding just always felt too tight . Thanks for the replies .
  8. Thanks for the replies. I wore them for some time tonight and I don’t think I could use a shorter boot but my whole foot front is swimming while my heel is held tight. I can squeeze 2 fingers in the shell but it is tight. I have a set of 28 Thermofits I have never used ,maybe I will try those . They seem to be higher volume than the UPZ liners . I will wear them a couple more nights and decide by the weekend
  9. I could use some opinions on UPZ boots recently purchased but not used yet . I have been using Deluxe 225 for last 15 years in 28.5. I never felt they fit properly . Too short and too tight in toe box even though I think I have very skinny feet and I never had proper heel hold in the Deluxe.My feet are 27.9 and 28.2. My new UPZ boots are a 28.5. Front of my toe just touches the boot front. Great heel hold but my toes can move around as if I don’t have shoes on . I’m not a crazy performance minded rider . Just want to be comfortable and be happy with my purchase for 10 years. I waited a while for these and don’t want to exchange because I want to use this weekend but I also don’t want to be disappointed about my purchase . Do you guys think I should try and return to get a 28 ? Thanks
  10. Billb

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    Hi jl1, do you want to give me a phone # or email address ? I’m curious what’s the price drop ? The price in your price drop email is the same in your 1st email . Thanks
  11. Billb

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    Thanks Daveo , I have a brand new pair of the thermomold deluxe liners . Even though all upzs come with flo ,most people change them out ?
  12. Billb

    SOLD. UPZ RC10 MP 28

    I’m not familiar with the flo liners . Will they remold or will I require new liners? Do you know if the deluxe wrap heat moldable liners will work in these ? Thanks I also want to make sure no shell modifications have been made.
  13. Billb

    Yo Lci!!

    Hi Big Mario, it was great to meet you guys . Sorry we didn’t stick with you guys longer but time with a grown daughter is precious and we where each flying off to different cities in a few hours. My daughter thought it was neat to see so many people on this wierd gear that she has seen me on for years . If you or any of the guys have any any pointers for me it would be welcome. Thanks
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