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A Scots carving adventures in Bulgaria

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I'm not good enough to grace softboot worth watching so i decided to create a new topic. This is my first time trying to edit anything of length and the first time ive ever used devinci resolve instead of good old windows movie maker 😅. I hope you guys enjoy 🙂


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No problems at all 🙂 except for one of the ratchets had a tendency to freeze a bit on the last day leading to it not locking correctly as you cranked down but that was easily fixed. Over the weekend ill type up a more long form review of my bindings and board.

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8 minutes ago, lonbordin said:

I'll bet it was nice to be outside... I didn't know Bulgaria has so much to offer!

So much better than the usual 150m of pretend snow im used to riding, I was a little suprised how well i transitioned as i hadnt ridden outdoors in about 2years 😅

Bansko isnt a big resort, the reds are pretty good to carve on even if the groom was a bit dubious at times but its cheap and it has snow which was something scotland didnt have until this week😂. The black tomba race run was great first thing in the morning, sadly for the others i was riding with it was more survival than riding so i didnt get any footage from the black 😕

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