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Sold - catek OS1 for sale


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I have an extra set of Catek OS1 Long Plate bindings.  Paid a good price for them a few years back, passing these along to another fellow rider.   I would like $200 shipped in the USA (quote for international). 

I have included a couple web pictures of a red OS2 and the long plate OS1for reference here.  Mine are red with silver bails OS1.  I can snap a couple good pictures if anyone is interested.


catek red.jpg

catek OS1.jpg

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Not sure.  I have these mounted on 4x4 mounting pattern.  Perhaps someone can speak to this?  I do not know if they mount on both.  Some pictures online show a third hole for burton 3 hole bindings.  

I can take another picture but perhaps you should inquire on the forum to be sure

but yes they are available.  One other person was in line.  I will check with him


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Here's a picture of a Catek baseplate form an old Catek forum.  This one is compatible with both 4-hole and 3-hole mounts.  There are five sets of slots, and two of the slots are a little wider to accommodate the 3-hole spacing.  The picture is for an OS2, but it's the same for OS1.


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