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New England banked slalom events 2020


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for those interested; list em.


7th Annual Slash & Berm Banked Slalom (creative features/layout through woods, over boxes, jumps etc)

Killington, VT

3/6-3/8/2020 (3/6 shops, 3/7 open, 3/8 groms)



9th Annual Mike Baker Banked Slalom (participate at own risk)

Waterville Valley, NH




5th Annual Sidesurfers Banked Slalom (mostly hand dug/shaped, but some groomed banks/features too)

Sugarbush, VT




The Vermont Open (mostly groomed, some hand digging and creativity throughout the course)

Stratton, VT

3/14-3/15/2020 (2 day event)



10th Annual Sugarloaf Banked Slalom (big. the big one)

Sugarloaf, ME




Loon has done the Methodology event (banked slalom/method contest) the past couple of years. Typically conflicts with Loaf. It's not listed yet in their events. TBD


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Not Another Banked Slalom - Ragged Mountain



Same weekend as Vermont Open, perhaps good for those who can't make time for a two day event.  This one is one on one boarder cross, two run elimination.

Personal bitching:. Why the move towards two day events here?  I understand the work required to create the courses but it's not like these mountains are near much, so it becomes a possible day off work plus hotel costs kinda weekend vs. a suck it up and get up early day trip.  I get it's more fun for some, but it pushes out others (like those of us with very young children).  (World's smallest violen plays...).



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